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After 20 years of Music No Royalty —Kwaw Kese

After 20 years of Music No Royalty —Kwaw Kese
Kwaw Kese

After 20 years of Music No Royalty —Kwaw Kese.Rapper Kwaw Kese has revealed after 20 years of doing music, he is yet to receive a royalty from Ghana Music Right Organization, a situation deemed hectic for Ghanaian musicians putting burdens on creatives who strive to make music out there.

The veteran rapper, who goes by the real name Emmanuel Kofi Botwe, has spoken about why Ghana music ain’t moving forward and the plight the musician had to pay Payola and bloggers to get their music out there.

According to Kwaw Kese, in his latest tweet, he has been in the music industry for over 20 years, however, he is yet to receive any royalty from the system.

He said, despite all these, the Musician had to pay media men to sell the songs for them the situation making life unbearable for the creatives.

“20 years of doing music in Ghana and never got paid any royalties.

You rather have to pay DJs to play your music, pay tv to show your videos, bloggers to blog your content, and press media to give you press.

How can you survive this industry by financing all these by yourself?” Kwaw Kese tweeted.

He further revealed there is no love in the industry and Ghanaian musicians will do anything to bring each other down.

“There’s no love in the industry because most of us musicians are bitter with each other. We’ll do whatever to bring each other down.Event organizers take advantage of that and manipulate the system in a way that if you’re not on their platform, it means your career is over.”

Kwaw Kese went ahead to talk about how some media men look down on Ghanaian musicians on air and elevates their Nigerian counterparts, a situation he says doesn’t elevate the Ghanaian creative.

“Some guy who can’t afford 500 Cedis shoe will sit on tv and disrespect Ghanaian musicians and praise Nigerians not knowing that Nigerians have investors and business people who invest heavily into their industry”

According to him, he hopes the situation will be better but, it will take a collective effort to achieve that.

“I hope someday things will get better but it’ll take a collective effort. Not one person thinking he’s better than other but all believing in one simple goal. My Nigerian friends in the US still believe Blacko is Nigerian because they love him better in Naija than Ghana , why?”


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